What this site isn’t:

I personally disclaim any liability that results from the use or misuse of the information contained within this site. This site isn’t intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any condition. I lack any recognized qualifications for that. This site also isn’t me telling you what you should do. How should I know? I’m not you.

I’ll leave that to all the other individuals out there that think they know you and what’s best for you. However, if what I have found to be true for myself works for you too then that’s wonderful. The posts you'll find here are not recipes and you don’t have to follow them to the letter with perfection. Cherry pick and tweak the ideas found here to your heart’s content and create something that helps you where you are in life right now.

What this site is:

The heartistic path is intended to be complementary to whatever path you’re currently on. Whether it adds value to your life may be determined by how well the concepts are understood, accepted and applied in your life. I don’t have an eidetic memory, so I don’t have that expectation of the reader. If everything doesn’t make sense on the first read, you may have read too fast. It may be beneficial to read the posts like you’d eat food. Eat, rest, digest, eat some more and then repeat as necessary. A small amount of content may repeat to reinforce concepts or as a reminder between any breaks in reading.

It is my hope that this work will become a worthwhile stop on the serendipitous journey we call life. It’s an introduction to the heart using philosophy, psychology and science. I also share my own anecdotal life experiences as I went down this path.

The focus of this site is the heart but it is far from being limited to that. I decided against doing what so many others before me have done which was to focus on the brain alone. It is my hope to redress this perceived imbalance somewhat. However, I won’t be relying on sap or sentimentality alone. I’ll be providing perspectives from philosophy, psychology and science that may be key to connecting with you, the reader.

This site is written in American English so there are going to be differences in spelling from British English for some words. Before assuming that a word is misspelled, you may wish to look it up online. Everything has been written with the intention of being applicable to all humans. To benefit the most from this book you will need a mind, a heart and a body. You should preferably be alive too.

You might not be able to identify as human perhaps because you lack a head, heart or a body. You may even be a non-corporeal entity, a zombie or an extraterrestrial alien. Whatever the case may be, I won’t judge. This just adds to the diversity of my readership and is most humbling.

It is not my intention to convince you of anything written here. It is left up to the reader to disprove any of the information presented. Merely agreeing or disagreeing with any conclusions reached doesn't decide the matter either way. Each journey of discovery is unique and I leave the pace of that journey up to you. Where it leads you, what you find and what you choose to do with it are all within your control.

If you’re not reading this for yourself then perhaps it’s because you want to better understand someone else such as a spouse, parent, other family member or friend.  Use of this content with the intent of trying to change someone else is not recommended. This site can also be used by intrepid individuals for deep self-discovery that goes beyond the surface level of what might pass for normal, daily discussion.

I still don’t have everything figured out but I wanted to commit my findings to words in a medium that will allow my older self to remember what I have forgotten and potentially outlast me. Perhaps you have already intuited that I am a weird individual with an offbeat sense of humor. I am also imperfect and still ignorant of so much. However, I hope to never stop being curious, learning and growing in ways beyond the physical. For these reasons, I have come by some knowledge that perhaps you don’t already know. If you’re ready for a weird, wacky, wild but fun ride then let’s begin.

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Matthew Bieschke
I'm a married guy who lives in the American Midwest and has always had a love of language. I began writing early as a child but stopped until rediscovering it again in my adulthood.